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Microsoft IE

It is hard to explain how dominant Microsoft IE or Internet Explorer was for online access. For years Microsoft IE was the tip of a range of technologies that integrated with online experiences that sustained Windows dominance.

I was a late adapter to online banking since for years my bank required the use of Microsoft IE. Microsoft IE security technology was required for anything in Korea due to a government mandated ActiveX security digital certificate that relied on Microsoft IE.

EU Plans Fresh Strike on Microsoft – – there a flaw in it as Microsoft could still configure the browsers and tweak them to make them difficult to alter guaranteeing MSN / Live / Bing ‘unwilling’ traffic off 404 pages and the search box in the browser chrome

Microsoft calls off EU antitrust hearing over IE – Microsoft legal counsel accused EU of being inflexible in that they wouldn’t fit in around MS’ busy diary to discuss Microsoft IE

It’s Time For Microsoft To Face Reality About Search And The Internet (MSFT)


Pricing, WOM, PR Efforts Get Recession Boost

Consumer behaviour

Generation Mobile: Internet and Online Media Usage on Mobile Phones among Low-Income Urban Youth in Cape Town, South Africa

A.L.L. = Afghan Lessons Learned for Soldiers – interesting site by US servicemen looking to plug the knowledge gaps that US DoD training leaves. Using a blog platform for simplicity


Cathay Pacific – Meet the team who go the extra mile to make you feel special – really nice bit of flash work that encourages you to play with the animation

Google eats Microsoft’s lunch with the launch of Google Wave | Econsultancy – really surprised at how hard Microsoft PR and marketing teams got played on this launch. The ironic thing was that Google took this straight out of the Microsoft playbook


LED TVs hit the market, but will they sell? » VentureBeat


Social media reality check

China’s Mobile Internet Advertising | Digital China Guide

UK government challenged by alternative Digital Britain report – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic

The Media Business: Seeing through the Haze Surrounding Websites, Blogs and Social Media

The Media Business: The Challenges of Online News Micropayments and Subscriptions


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Mobile Internet in China is about to heat up! | Digital China Guide

Fake Reviews. Now now kids, play nice… at Malcolm Barclay


Multiple Brand Personality Disorder: Who’s confusing who? | Econsultancy

Victoria’s Secret enters mobile commerce arena – Mobile Marketer – Commerce

ICFF: Kikkerland’s Booth Becomes a Meal for Those in Need –

Bloggasm » Anti-Starbucks filmmakers hijack the coffee company’s own Twitter marketing campaign


Panasonic: Open-source smartphones are the future » VentureBeat – Panasonic is going to re-enter foreign mobile phone markets with new open source-based phones


Total Telecom – Sea change at Nokia – interesting analysis of the Nokia business