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China Mobile Launches Jego Mobile App to Grow International Business – China Real Time Report – WSJ – Jego is like Skype Out. You get a certain amount of call minutes each month and a Hong Kong number. The Jego software feels clunky, and it is limited in terms of western payment platforms that it uses. The big issue with Jego is that the call quality is bad. I am not too sure why that is the case. On a 3G network with good reception and where Skype works perfectly, Jego calls are like an FM radio tuned between stations.

Consumer behaviour

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

Don’t hate Mondays—they’re the best day to apply for a job – Quartz – I am sure that this is spurious data but nonetheless


Case study: Fyffes turns bananas into comic strips – Digital Intelligence

How to

Matt Cutts Answers If Every Page Needs To Have A Unique Meta Description – avoid duplicates is the main takeaway


British Airways: Plane Detecting Billboards | Digital Buzz Blog

BehaviorMatrix℠ – Applied Behavioral Analytics – Don’t just listen. Understand.

60 Signs Your Brand Is Dying

I Believe in Advertising | Absolut Vodka: Absolut Unique Access – interesting WhatsApp campaign


Time shifting viewing ‘becoming the norm’ – Digital Intelligence

YouTube’s Mobile Apps Get Their First, ‘Native’ Takeover Ad | Digital – Advertising Age

LinkedIn’s New Showcase Pages Allow Companies To Highlight Specific Products And Projects | TechCrunch

Warner Bros. Admits To Issuing Bogus Takedowns; Gloats To Court How There’s Nothing Anyone Can Do About That | Techdirt

The shifting pay TV industry in two charts — Tech News and Analysis

Millennials’ Most Frequently Consumed Video Content? Still TV Shows

Finnish Internet Users are Most Avid Consumers of Online News


Internet cafes in the developing world find out what happens when everyone gets a smartphone – Quartz

Responsive design vs. adaptive delivery: Which one’s right for you? | VentureBeat

Google’s Broken Promises & Who’s Running The Search Engine? – incisive and interesting analysis by Danny Sullivan of Google. On a related tip: Erik McClure: Google’s Decline Really Bugs Me


Most ‘Great Singapore Sale’ print ads failed to draw consumers: Ipsos – Campaign Asia – (paywall)

Walmart Employee Food Drive – Business Insider


Ballmer reflects on time with Microsoft: ‘I’m big, I’m bald and I’m loud’ | BGR – an eye on the future in this interview, smarter than his peers at Microsoft

Why Do Companies Still Use Microsoft Windows For Displays? ← Terence Eden’s Blog

Microsoft’s dystopian pitch for remote work by David of 37signals – but an honest reflection of the way technologies like Blackberry have been used

A VC: Android and iOS Demographics In The US

Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority – comScore, Inc – reg wall


Forrester’s Asia Pacific Predictions for 2014 | Forrester Webinar – Business controlled IT budget growth will accelerate in APAC come 2014

iPad Sales Q1 2014: iPad is disappointing, UBS says | BGR – market share or profit share?

Web of no web

The Mind Bending Future of Computer Science | Socialnomics – slide fodder

Japan Today | Smart watch review – it sounds like Sony had a sounder design approach but Samsung has advertising


Out in the Open: The German Plot to Give You Complete Control of Your Phone | Wired Enterprise |

Apple & Samsung take massive 109% of mobile industry profits while competitors lose money – looks very like the PC industry