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Instant pot

Not Just A Crock: The Viral Word-Of-Mouth Success Of Instant Pot : The Salt : NPR – The instant pot of the title is what was called a slow cooker back when my parents bought one in the mid-1980s. It was a ceramic dish with a lid in a metal holder with a heating plate. They used to use the instant pot to make porridge for breakfast and lentil soup. I am expecting to see the instant pot as a case study in ‘value of earned media’ decks moving forward


Getting to know: Perkbox – TalentRocket blog – great profile of my hombre from Yahoo!: Chieu’s joint


Theresa May’s speech: The view from Europe – University of Liverpool News – University of Liverpool – playing for the peanut gallery

WSJ City – CPI Hits Two-Year High – UK price inflation due to currency devaluation is going to put a pre-Brexit squeeze on the economy prior to the post-Brexit tumble


Banks Welcome May’s Phased Brexit Bid Amid Plans to Relocate – Bloomberg – at the time of writing Morgan Stanley, UBS and HSBC indicated a definite move. Japanese government had already said its banks would start the move in 2017

How to

The Ultimate Guide to Baidu SEO in China | Dragon Metrics – great 101 guide in English to Baidu


Korean duty free shops rely on online Chinese celebs | SCMP – when will the duty free trade be weaponised by China to deal with THAAD


This Team Runs Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page – Bloomberg – interesting blend of personal and business brand


The Problem With AMP | 80×24 – behaviour worthy of antitrust player

How a football publisher repurposed one event’s worth of video for 4 different platforms – Digiday – really nice laymans guide to video platforms

We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #337  – interesting data on SnapChat and brand abandonment of the platform

Rubicon Project Reportedly Exploring Potential Sale | Media Post – ad tech is taking a beating


Instagram Live Stories officially lands in the UK | The Drum – now be able to officially go live within its ephemeral content service


Greggs to trial delivery service in London | London Evening Standard – unfortunately only in the Square Mile at the moment


Google RAISR Intelligently Makes Low-Res Images High Quality | – whats the difference between this and a near lossless compression algorithm?


EU Space Agency’s Galileo satellites stricken by mystery clock failures • The Register – hacked?


Uber and Seamless ads reveal how Silicon Valley is screwing us – Sandpaper Suit – Medium – Silicon Valley’s gateway to serfdom

Microsoft Veteran Will Help Run Chinese Search Giant Baidu – Bloomberg – Qi Liu from Yahoo! to Microsoft and of to Baidu. I always found him to be a temperamental person

EU: Robot Workers Are ‘Electronic Persons’ – Robotics & Automation – Products

Web of no web

Do You Want Smell-O-Vision for Your VR Porn? Neither Do We But Here It Is | Motherboard – interesting technology, ewwww product


Qualcomm: FTC Alleges Special Deal with Apple – Tech Trader Daily – – Extracted exclusivity from Apple in exchange for reduced patent royalties. Qualcomm precluded Apple from sourcing baseband processors from Qualcomm’s competitors from 2011 to 2016. Qualcomm recognized that any competitor that won Apple’s business would become stronger, and used exclusivity to prevent Apple from working with and improving the effectiveness of Qualcomm’s competitors.