August 2023 newsletter – the pioneer edition

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August 2023 newsletter

The August 2023 newsletter was inspired by LinkedIn’s in-built newsletter function. It’s almost the bank holiday so I thought I would spend some time to try out the newsletter function in LinkedIn.

Strategic outcomes

If you’re reading this, you’re a pioneer! If this goes well I will put one out each month. You can find my regular writings here and more about me here

Things I’ve written.

Books that I have read.

  • Chip War by Chris Miller. You can read my full review here

Things I have been inspired by.

Design render
  • How left wing politics inspired Prada’s clothing designs. 
  • Encouraging empathy for people with dementia in Japan with the restaurant of mistaken orders (scoll to the end here to find out more).

Things I have watched. 

  • Three Body Problem. Chinese adaption by Tencent Video and made available for FREE on their YouTube channel. Don’t worry it has English subtitles. This is based on the blockbuster novel The Three Body Problem by Chinese science fiction author du jour Cixin Liu. The three books in the series are all fantastic and there is soon to be a Netflix adaption as well. 
  • The Peripheral on Amazon Prime Video. An ambitious adaption of William Gibson’s novel of the same name. Amazon Studios recently cancelled the next season of this drama, which is a real shame as its one of the stand out series amongst the content on Prime Video. 
  • Un Flic and Le Samourai – the magical formula of French new wave director Jean-Pierre Melville and actor Alain Delon created some iconic crime films that inspired directors in Hollywood, Hong Kong and Japan.  

The sales pitch.

Available for strategic engagements in the autumn. Contact me here.

The End.

Congratulations, you’re reached the end of the August 2023 newsletter. Until next month: be excellent to each other. Let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations to be featured in forthcoming issues.