New approach to China + more

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New approach to China

Official Google Blog: A new approach to China – According to Google, IP theft from Google and Gmail being hacked prompted a new approach to China. That’s very reasonable on the face of it, especially given that the IP theft also affected several other companies as well. However Google is uniquely placed to take a new approach to China because it has lots of rewards and few downsides. Such as the fact that Google is under pressure in the US and not doing terribly well in the Chinese market due to credible local competition. Or as another outlet put it Google: Revenues From China Are ‘Immaterial’ | paidContent

Consumer behaviour

A Few Good Kids? | Mother Jones – interesting how marketing data is being used. It seems that more work needs to be done on the creative and the approach

If Your 9-Year-Old Doesn’t Have a Cell Phone, He’s Not Socializing Enough – Fast Company

What Do Baby Boomers Want From Technology? – Bits Blog – – some interesting progmatic attitudes to tech

Media Cache – TV Still Has a Hold on Teenagers – – Forrester survey of European teens. Conventional media still consumed


Snow Peak Official Website – cool Japanese over-engineered camping stuff, love their Baja table out of solid aluminium and titanium cooking ware.

Hacking with Style: TrueType VT220 Font – I remember this font from my time at Corning Optical Fibres using the plant DEC VAX which provided my first email account


Superfusion: How China and America Became One Economy. – By Daniel Gross and Win Rosenfeld – Slate Magazine

Asia leading the way | / World / Comment – Washington adapts to eastwards power shift


Taste the Rainbow: Cigarette Makers’ Colorful Answer to FDA Packaging Regs | Advertising, Branding, and Marketing | Fast Company – tobacco companies use visual cues to make up for not being able to bill cigarettes as light, mild or low tar.

How to

Sleep success: How to make ZZZs = memory – life – 26 November 2009 – New Scientist


Edge In Frankfurt: THE AGE OF THE INFORMAVORE by Frank Schirrmacher

How reputation could save the Earth – opinion – 15 November 2009 – New Scientist – at first when I read this headline I thought someone in corporate communications had been going full belt at the magic mushrooms again. Instead the concept is a kind of green whuffie | Warfighting: The US Marine Corps on agility – interesting take on dealing with chaotic times


Apple Patent Application Could Presage Thinner Devices – Bits Blog –

London | Olympics likely to harm UK tourism


Cartier drops prices to woo young | The Japan Times Online – interesting move. I remember Armani doing a similar kind of thing with Armani Xchange in the early 1990s, it will be interesting to see the effect that it may have on the Cartier brand

Media / Media – Disney boss tells Hollywood to rewrite script – internationalise content rather than assume a global media culture, develop online delivery platforms, cut costs, consolidate media franchises

Online / China – Beijing tightens internet controls“The internet is developing quickly, there are many loopholes in social management and maintaining social stability faces unprecedented new challenges,” said Meng Jianzhu, public security minister. “We must establish a comprehensive prevention and control social security system that covers the internet and the real world.”


Retail outlook: Discounters best poised to thrive – – US is seeing discounters thrive as well

Security / UK – Watchdog probes sale of mobile phone records – take T-mobile’s licence away and shut them down


Microsoft’s Future, Beyond Windows 7 and the PC – – I can’t believe that the New York Times published this piece on Microsoft. Waggener Edstrom and Frank Shaw must have hit the roof when it came out. The mantra for Microsoft as a client is no surprises, I would be surprised if anyone walked willingly into this piece which eviscerates the corporate reputation

Apocalypse Then: a two-part series on the lessons of Y2K. (1) – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine / Technology – Chinese court rules against Microsoft – infringed Zhongyi Electronics property rights.


The BBC is encrypting its HD signal by the back door | Technology |

Cloud computing: Clash of the clouds | The Economist

E.U. Takes More Time to Review Oracle-Sun Deal – DealBook Blog – – I hope that Sun Microsystems finds a safe harbour at Oracle

The Digital Economy Bill is legislatively flawed | Left Foot Forward – piece that I co-authored with my pod neighbour Nick

Web of no web

AR to Realize World of Science Fiction — Nikkei Electronics Asia — November 2009 – good overview of augmented reality


Daring Fireball: Oh Joe You Didn’t – interesting take on is or isn’t Apple earning more money on handsets than Nokia story that been doing the rounds on Twitter over the weekend