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Chinese consumer

Catering to the self-expressive Chinese consumer – less focus on the corporate brand, more on the product level brand for the self-expressive Chinese consumer. More related content on consumer behaviour


Beiersdorf Could Complement P&G – Euromonitor International – if it did happen let’s hope it would be better than what has happened to Braun

Consumer behaviour

Global Social Unrest – Euromonitor International – youth unemployment, perceived income inequality and feelings of being outside society. Rather sounds like the Scarman Report from the early 1980s after the Brixton Riots

China Fuels Solitary Cigarettes Growth Region’ – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International

Germany in 2030: Population to Fall to Pre-1990 Levels – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International


3D-Printed Batteries Could Be the Solution to Our Lithium Woes | Motherboard

How to Squeeze 1,000 Terabytes of Data onto a Single DVD | SiliconANGLE


The Evolving Luxury Landscape in Asia – Euromonitor International


Measuring the iTunes video store | asymco

Reuters Institute survey reveals growing global popularity of live blogs | PressGazette

For HBO and Apple, a long process to partner on TV | The Verge


Social media analytics in action |

Marissa Mayer Has Quietly Cut 1,000 Jobs At Yahoo – Business Insider – quarterly appraisals. I hope that the planning cycle has moved beyond the 6 weeks of planning and run hell for leather to execute that used to happen each quarter


Schneier on Security: US Offensive Cyberwar Policy – interesting comparison with the cold war nuclear stand-off

The creepier web tracking technology that will replace cookies – The Globe and Mail – profiling systems

Deep Packet Inspection: Market Analysis & Forecasts | ARCchart


WeChat Gets In-App Purchases; Pics Slick But Will Users Like It?

WhatsApp Surpasses 250 Million Active Users – Digits – WSJ

Line Opens Sponsored Channels for Third-Party Apps – consumers rewarded for interacting with brand content in LINE

I, Cringely IBM to customers: Your hand is staining my window – this all feels likes the early 1990s again when IBM changed its business model around mainframes to book more profit in the short term and were caught by the short and curlies and ended the career of John Akers

Web of no web

TelecomTV | DT launches its M2M development kit/community/platform


Wi-Fi Alliance kicks off 11ac certification – Rethink Wireless – interesting given that there are already 802.11ac products on sale

Microsoft Explored Deal for Nokia – – it wouldn’t make sense on balance. Microsoft has what it needs from Nokia already, though Naviteq maybe an interesting buy. More content on Naviteq