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BlueFocus FY 2014 profit up 62.8% | PR Week – Sir Martin Sorrell will be concerned. BlueFocus is at the centre of a high growth market. BlueFocus has access to cheap capital due to its high share price on the Shenzhen stock exchange and it demonstrates the kind of dynamism that WPP no longer has due to its physical size.

Consumer behaviour

Founding Fuel Hunting with the hounds – Indian consumers, by and large and across product categories, gravitate towards lower prices and more features instead of passionate brand loyalty


The Story of the “Save the Memory Project” | Ricoh Global – impressive dedication and process


4 steps to getting your business model ready for emerging markets – interesting that The Economist’s tongue-in-cheek Big Mac Index is used as a serious pricing reference point in this article


80% of Bitcoin is exchanged into and out of Chinese yuan | Quartz – capital flight or something more criminal in nature?


Why I changed my mind about the new MacBook | VentureBeat – nice run down on the MacBook’s limitations » How I introduced a 27-year-old computer to the web – interesting article, especially since he has to use at least two pieces of external tech to pre-process required applications to develop a web connection and render the web content itself. It puts into perspective how powerful a smartphone is. More technology related posts here


German duo to be caned, jailed for spraying graffiti on Singapore train | South China Morning Post – and they weren’t good graffiti artists either. Singapore has public spaces laid aside for graffiti


How Jony Ive made Apple a luxury goods company – Business Insider – interesting technology is a substitute product for luxury sector goods argument made at the end of the article


Tinder Users at SXSW Are Falling for This Woman, but She’s Not What She Appears | Adweek – sci-fi film Ex Machina uses a bot on Tinder to market the film at SXSW. More marketing related content here.


iPhone 6s specs rumors: SiP processor reportedly in the works | BGR – computing power is likely to be below what an iPhone 6 would need, but interesting