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Darren McGarvey

The BBC had Darren McGarvey on, reading is own book The Social Distance Between Us. Something is added to the content through McGarvey’s own voice reciting his own book adapted for the ‘book of the week’ slot. His Glaswegian accent and experience recording Scottish tinged rap helps in his delivery. Darren McGarvey is better known in music circles as Loki and his two albums published in the 2010s before he became an author and fronted documentaries (like working-class Londoner Professor Green). This is McGarvey’s second book after Poverty Safari, which was released in 2018. Both of the books deal with the realities for the British working class.


Glossier + TikTok | Brandwatch 

Revlon files for bankruptcy – CNN – one would normally expect a brand like Revlon to be resilient in a recession for being an affordable luxury a la Esteé Lauder. Ron Perelman overburdened Revlon with too much debt and its impressive that it lasted this long


Chinese courts flex intellectual property muscle across borders | Financial TimesChinese courts have issued four key cross-border “anti-suit injunctions” following claims made by the country’s massive telecom equipment and smartphone groups — Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and Oppo — in disputes against Germany’s Conversant, US group InterDigital, and Japan’s Sharp. These rulings have essentially sought to block non-Chinese companies from enforcing IP rights in other jurisdictions, meaning Chinese companies cannot be sued for alleged infringements.They are enforced via daily penalties on a foreign company’s local operations in China, if that company insists on pursuing a case. According to Rieko Michishita, a veteran China IP lawyer at Bird & Bird, the rapidly mounting penalties make the injunctions akin to “taking a hostage”. And the cases are an indication, she warns, of how Chinese companies and courts will become more confident in deploying such legal manoeuvres as the country’s technological prowess steams ahead

Consumer behaviour

Welcome to the Internet: Millennial & Gen Z Ennui 

‘Let it rot’: China’s tech workers struggle to find jobs | Financial Times 

China’s locked-down urbanites heed call of the wild, driving boom for outdoor goods | Financial Times 


Oxfam serves up a lot of dodgy statistics – by Noah Smith 

Where does the wealth go when asset prices go down? 

More and More People Are Falling Behind On Their Car Loans 

How the US Could Lose the New Cold War by Joseph E. Stiglitz – Project Syndicate

Hong Kong

Will Beijing resume dialogue with Hong Kong’s opposition camp? Ex-Legco president Jasper Tsang says this will signal success of ‘one country, two systems’ | South China Morning Post – I suspect that Mr Tsang’s ideas are out of step with reality


Progressives should fear inflation more than recession | Noahpinion 

Fate of Ukraine matters because ‘China is watching’ Russia’s invasion, UK defence secretary says | World News | Sky News 

Steve Bannon Is a Lit Bomb in the Mouth of Democracy – The Atlantic 

Do we need a better understanding of ‘progress’? – BBC Future 


How Armed Drones Disrupt Modern Warfare – by Jon Y 

Asia Likely to Lead Record Fab Expansions in 2022 – EETimes 


Why NYC’s Restaurants Rely on TikTok More Than Ever – Eater NY 

Bloated Scopes of Work Are Unhealthy for Advertisers and Agencies Alike | Farmer & Co. 


How TikTok Capitalizes On The Twin Trends Of Creators And Online Commerce | AdExchanger 

In-depth TikTok breakdown for brands and athletes. 


Klarna CEO blasted for outing laid-off workers on LinkedIn – this kind of thing had been done before, the issue seems to be including email addresses rather than their website or personal linkedin profile. Stewart Butterfield’s shut down of Tiny Speck in 2012 showed how it should be done properly.

Hop in the Driver’s Seat | Ford Heritage Vault – Ford is releasing old publicity imagery and brochures digitally. Downside is that its not under a Creative Commons licence


Amazon-Native Brand’s Anker Sales Hit $1B – Marketplace Pulse 


Justice for Myanmar: Vietnamese telco helps junta track deserters — Radio Free Asia 


Google places engineer on leave after he claims group’s chatbot is ‘sentient’ | Financial Times 


Backside Power Delivery and Bold Bets at Intel | Fabricated Knowledge 

Web of no web

Fears of data abuse as Chinese health code turns red for financial scandal protesters | South China Morning PostVictims of what could be one of China’s largest financial scandals found themselves unable to step outside to join planned protests because their health QR codes had turned red, reigniting fears that the large-scale data collected for contact tracing would be abused for other uses. Since late May, hundreds of people have taken to the streets in China’s central Henan province, calling for authorities to ensure the return of their deposits that were frozen in four rural banks in the province.

Metaverse spending will be too big to ignore – SmartBrief