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Western fast fashion

Western fast fashion brands have managed to spread around the world, despite concerns over working conditions, product quality and impact on the environment. But things have gone into reverse for western fashion brands in China. Just over a decade ago saw China as a potential growth market. But over the past five years things have gone badly for them.

Looking at western fast fashion brand H&M’s presence in China, there has been a consistent decline since a 2017 peak of 507 stores in China.

fast fashion
Data via Daxue Consulting and South China Morning Post

The reasons cited by Chinese consumers online include:

  • Western fast fashion brands aren’t cut / styled for ‘Asian body types’. This sounds like a need for extended sizing
  • Local trends: the clothing doesn’t fit with local trends in design in the same way that local rivals can. Brands to keep an eye out for include Urban Revivo and JNBY
  • Other foreign brands meet the needs of young Chinese consumers better. These include Brandy Melville, and its “Malibu beach babe” look, while Chuu, is a Korean brand with K-pop aesthetics

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Consumer behaviour

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Hong Kong

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Gulnara Karimova Accused of Running Criminal Organization in New Swiss Indictment – The DiplomatSwiss federal prosecutors filed an indictment against Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of Uzbekistan’s first president Islam Karimov, and an unnamed former general director of the Uzbek subsidiary of a Russian telecommunications company for alleged involvement in a criminal organization, money laundering, bribe taking, and forgery. The charges extend over a period of time running from 2005 to 2013 and mark the latest expansion and extension of criminal proceedings against Karimova and her associates. Karimova, once envisioned as a possible successor to her father, lived large and fell hard.

S Korean spy agency warns shipbuilders of N Korean hacking attempts — Radio Free Asia


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Power drives SK Telecom to AI pyramid strategy | EE News EuropeThe AI Infrastructure plan consists of data centre, AI semiconductor, and multiple large language models (LLM) will serve as a technology platform. This will introduce energy-saving technologies including immersion cooling system and hydrogen fuel cells, and expand into the AI hosting business that generates higher margins by bundling these energy-saving solutions with Sapeon’s neural processing unit (NPU) and SK Hynix’s high bandwidth memory (HBM). – I am surprised that we haven’t seen similar ventures from Oracle, IBM and Fujitsu so far

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Web of no web

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Wonders Why anyone Needs Apple Vision Pro and more – Patently Apple – where’s the compelling app? It might be in the enterprise, like aircraft servicing