Social network decline + more

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Social network decline

Social network decline is likely hard to define at first, we would likely seem small signals here and there. It may be easier to see in smaller, niche platforms. It is hard to know when a backing track of Jim Morrison droning ‘this is the end my friend. This is the end’ would be appropriate a la Apocalypse Now.

Web 2.0 Asia :: Comparison between Asian social networks – the nature of some markets means that while social networks may be relatively small globally, they still may not be in a process of social network decline

Facebook Weakening In The UK | WebProNews – this could be seasonal, a sampling error or a small sign of social network decline. At the moment it is hard to tell.

Cyworld pulls out of Germany – JV with Deutsche Telekcom and SK shuts up shop after six months. In the case of Cyworld’s aspirations of large scale penetration, the social network decline is obvious

Hitwise Intelligence – Heather Hopkins – US: Yahoo! Buzz Catching up to – a better technology or design doesn’t necessarily mean social network decline for other products as networks have a high price to leave

Yahoo Buzz is a Game Changer for Social Media; And Spells Trouble for Digg! – ReadWriteWeb – the arrival of a new rival could be concealing organic decline as the heat ebbs away


Privacy and the potential anti-trust impact on the MSFT-YHOO deal


Alibaba seeking buyers for Yahoo-held stake – International Herald Tribune

The Web in Charts—Google vs. Microsoft-Yahoo vs. China

Consumer behaviour

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . War of the Worlds | PBS – There is a technology war coming. Actually it is already here but most of us haven’t yet notice. It is a war not about technology but because of technology, a war over how we as a culture embrace technology.

Culture – mash-up dons – recommended by team9

<<<team9 mp3s>>> – cool Australian mash-ups


Weather Display Live from UCL – I love the interface on this, really nice inspirational use of Flash

Google Japan Gets Makeover | WebProNews – cool icons a la Google Korea, expect Asian UI tweeks to hit Europe and the US soon

How to

The Wall Street Journal’s Web site is already (secretly) free

Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li’s Blog): Welcome to our new site, plus free data about consumers’ social behaviors around the world

Groundswell consumer behaviour profile tool – Interactive data

A Swimmer’s Different Strokes for Success – New York Times

Register to get Tanla’s mobile marketing guide – for free. Nice no nonsense document

Ajaxian » IE8 and Safari 3.1 compatibility updates

Blogdigger Local: See what they’re saying in your neck of the woods!

DIY laptop stand, it just works on Flickr – Photo Sharing! – take one Ikea towel holder, plexi-glass and a bit of tinkering to make a stand-up laptop support


Clay Shirky Video “Here Comes Everybody”

Luxury | French luxury brands by Chauncey Zalkin  – interesting overview on the challenges facing French luxury brands


Irish Examiner | Games sponsors walk PR tightrope

Pepsico Forming Social Network – based around European football

» Hope for the best, plan for the worst sixtysecondview – David Brain gives some sound advice and goes bearish on the economic prospects for PR over the next 12 months or so

Digital Doubts and Disconnects: Survey of 500 Communications Professionals Finds Companies Unsure if their Web Marketing Works – With Photos


Google News Has Archived The New York Times, Time magazine Archives……New Timeline News Charts are Cool…Beet.TV Explores How Publishers Maximize Google News “Juice”

Is the Google bubble slowly bursting?

When an Ad Network Launches a Virtual World… – new SL wannabe by ad network

Shaking Off Larger Economic Woes, Online Ad Spend To Rise 23 Percent In ‘08: Report |

Think Different: Maybe the Web’s Not a Place to Stick Your Ads – Advertising Age – Digital

Are Internet ads better than TV ads? – hmmm I don’t think so but that wont stop online marketers flogging them

Joost Disappoints as Next YouTube – – profile on the internet TV phenomena, my problem with Joost is that the content isnt updated on many of the channels. More manga please like Space Battleship Yamamoto and Atom Boy

What’s This Fascination with Ad Networks? (Or, the Online Media Business Will Be About Brands First, Technology Second) – John Battelle’s Searchblog

State of journalism survey – some interesting and counterintuitive take-outs


Microsoft’s search numbers show need for Yahoo

Web 2.0 Asia :: Some news from Asian Q&A services

Evil Pundit of Doom II – creators of the LOL Jihad – LOL Cats meets the struggle between western society and muslim fundamentalists

Internet Search Stats Point to Microsoft Decline

Plaxo Swings Back at FriendFeed; Announces 7M Connections on Pulse

Social Networks Will Be Tomorrow’s iTunes – ReadWriteWeb

Tracking Web 2.0

Online Business Networking: 2 Horse Globalization Race – ReadWriteWeb


Microsoft Plummets, Retail Falls While Beauty Gains in CoreBrand 2007 Brand Power Rankings – interesting survey. Particularly the assertion that the apple pc ads have had a negative impact on Microsoft’s brand


Ex Microsoft security team member explains how to hack Windows Vista


Kudos Records Ltd – Dance, hiphop, soul, funk and jazz online shop

\\\\\ LIMITEDITIONS ///// – limited editions trainer shop in Barcelona


Stylish Sportswear With Designs on China – – western sports companies are incorporating Chinese cultural motifs to hook Chinese consumers. I saw an amazing Onitsuka Tiger track top when I was in Hong Kong but unfortunately it wasn’t available in gweilo sizes.


Level 3 Adds IBM’s CDN Patents to Its Portfolio – GigaOM – interesting analysis on the current battle in the content development network space.


HTC tight-lipped about Google phone – The INQUIRER