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AirBnB seems to be the goldilocks of the sharing economy. It has at least as much disruptive negative impact as Uber, yet doesn’t seem to attract the same level of vitriol. On the demand side of things, while I know people who have had negative AirBnB experiences, they still don’t seem to realise its its the platform and solely blame the host. ABC News | tweedier – The Sharing Economy – Mark Pesce on Uber and AirBnB. How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other | Wired – Wired does an in-depth piece on the supply side of the sharing economy. I think its going to be a while before people really wake up to how toxic AirBnB and the sharing economy are.


China builds for the future | HSBC – government looks to enhance environment for small business with tax breaks

Here’s the chart that has Chinese stock markets so depressed – Quartz – good graph of HSBC PMI numbers, it is affected by sampling issues however

Consumer behaviour

VOX POPULI: Job security is everything for rookie employees | The Asahi Shimbun – Japanese workers want security

China’s Young Male Factory Workers Change the Assembly Line – Businessweek – the little emperors on the line are bolshy, harass female colleagues and get bored easily


Alibaba’s IPO may not be as big as everyone is expecting | Quartz – interesting breakdown on IPO values across sectors

US oil boom checks inflation | HSBCUS oil production has far surpassed expectations in recent years and the country could overtake Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil and oil products by 2015 – how sustainable is this?

Cautiously optimistic: Innovation and Chinese FDI | Deloitte


Is Burger King’s Big Mac Clone Stealing McDonald’s Lunch Money? | BloombergBusinessweek – what will the value promotions do to the McDonald’s brand equity?


CABINET // Whitewood under Siege – fascinating story of pallets


A goldmine in retail? | Marketing Interactive – interesting profile of Chow Tai Fook jewellery retail chain

Louis Vuitton still number one in awareness for Chinese: report | Luxury Daily

Chinese Tourist Spending In UK To Rise By 84 Percent | Jing Daily – the UK needs to do more to court Chinese consumers

Coach Responds to Falling Sales By Raising Prices | BloombergBusinessweek – interesting move that didn’t work for Mulberry that well when they tried it

How a Korean TV Show Sparked a Jimmy Choo Craze in China | WSJ – store staff noted that customers were coming in with pictures on a smartphone. The bit that’s missing is how did they discover that the shoes were Jimmy Choo and hence knew which boutique to walk into?


The Mystery of Our Social Traffic | Baekdal – really interesting read


Thumbnails: French proposal for payment of royalties by search engines | Kluwer Copyright Blog – it reminds me of the tax that used to happen on tape and CD media to compensate for piracy

Say Goodbye to Paid Search Terms from Google – Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe – this has more of an impact than one would consider

Baidu Launched Dynamic Search Ads Feature — China Internet Watch – powered by website content RSS?

The reinvention of MTV, chapter one million | Quartz – interesting alchemy of social media and broadcast media


月球车玉兔的微博|微博-随时随地分享身边的新鲜事儿 – Jade Rabbbit lunar rover Weibo account


Rogue Amoeba’s Paul Kafasis on Consumer Recording, Provocative Branding, & Endangered Gizmos

What The Heck Is Machine Learning? | BusinessInsider


China Telcos Propose Base Station JV | Young’s China Business – interesting that Chinese carriers are collaborating on base stations, probably less equipment sales for vendors than they’re expecting. More related content here.

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Data point: Enthusiasm about wearable tech highest in Latin America, lowest in North America