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Chinese bloggers

China Journal : Chinese Bloggers Really Are Edgy – interesting that Chinese bloggers don’t necessarily reflect the rabid knee jerk nationalism that we have come to associate with web users in PRC


All of Inflation’s Little Parts – The New York Times – lovely infographic that the folks at PSFK pointed out showing how inflation is made up and giving a great insight into consumer spending

How to

Web Worker Daily » Archive MailShadow: Exchange-ing Microsoft for Google «

Autopilot Achievement: How to Turn Your Goals Into Habits | Zen Habits


What Comes After Post Modernism?


GE and the Death of Manufacturing – interesting article


Japanese People & Fashion – Japan Pictures – some of these, particularly the Harajuku area pictures are nuts, the amount of detail and trouble they go to

Top 10 LED signage in Tokyo – really sweet design and just plain cool stuff

How hard is it really to learn Japanese? | The Japan Times Online


Tokyo Diner Japanese restaurant | ロンドン 東京ダイナー 求人サイト – My favourite restaurant in London


Christian Dior Turning To Designer Handsets To Boost Revenues – interesting that they’ve gone directly to the emerging markets of PRC and Russia. However if Chanel and Louis Vuitton get into this market expect Dior to be the mobile phone equivalent of roadkill (think Motorola’s mobile device division).

MediaPost Publications – Will Men Be The Luxury Market’s Secret Weapon? – 05/21/2008

Marketing | A how-to guide to assessing brand value – Catherine Tremblay takes on one of the thorniest issues in marketing


China allows bloggers, others to spread quake news – – interesting article on how the Chinese government is doing a lot of smart things to handle the communications crisis around the recent earthquakes, including real-time news reports on government sites via satellite phone and live web Q&As

Magazines Find Surprise Stash of New Readers – young people are reading, but not buying print magazines. Wired is one of the magazines benefiting from a junior demographic. Getting magazines into cafes and doctors surgeries is a good way of getting in front of these people.

My new graphic novel for sale and as a free, remixable, shareable download – Boing Boing

Average teenager’s iPod has 800 illegal music tracks – Times Online

Microsoft (MSFT) – AOL (TWX) Deal Within a Few Months – interesting analysis piece


Why we don’t need a security breach notification law in the UK | OUT-LAW.COM – interesting post by Chris Pounder on the powers of the Data Protection Act

UK government proposes big brother database of every email sent by Brits

Trustchip makes GSM calls untappable – The INQUIRER – cool crypto tech


PC World – Business Center: Coders Tell Why They’re Avoiding Vista

Apple Previews Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Developers

Ari Jaaksi of Nokia Wants to Educate the Linux Community


New Balance 576 China Mask Collection | Hypebeast – this kicks the living daylights out of adidas and Nike’s efforts to address Chinese culture


Taiwan digital music makers divided over added value of camera functionality


LEDs must drop to 10% of price in 2005 to go mainstream in general lighting by 2012

Lost in E-Mail, Tech Firms Face Self-Made Beast – – recommended reading by Drew Benvie


Is 3G Ready for the iPhone Stress Test? – GigaOM

Ask E.T.: Interface design and the iPhone – information and usability guru Edward Tuft on the iPhone

iPhone 3G cost could be as low as $100, but not likely