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Gentler place to work

Saying out loud the quiet bit about work-life balance; tectonic plates of streaming move againI’ve found myself thinking about one panel in particular – the participants in the session on advice for aspiring leaders went beyond the usual platitudes, and shared a couple of uncomfortable truths about an industry which is trying to rebrand itself as a gentler place to work. – I think that we’ll see more of this move away from a gentler place to work as companies look to cut staff. I entered the workforce in the middle of recession before I went to college, this was the time of micro serfs and mcjobs. The idea of a gentler place to work seemed to be a transient one to me – one that would come and go with economic growth. Zero hour contracts really grew during and after the 2008 financial crisis, which is as far away from a gentler place to work as you can get.


Take down Pelosi’s plane’: Chinese react online to Taiwan visit | Financial Times 

Displaced Syrians voice anger as bombed-out town doubles as film set | Financial Times – film being produced by Jackie Chan as demand in China for conflict porn grows alongside nationalistic fervour

Consumer behaviour

Children between the ages of 10-12 are spending the most on video games, survey reveals / Digital Information World 

‘I am borrowing to live’: pawnbrokers enjoy golden era as UK hits hard times | UK cost of living crisis | The Guardian 


How rising tensions across the Taiwan Strait could threaten global trade | Financial Times 


Primary care physicians need 26.7 hours in the day – Futurity 

Why Is the Web So Monotonous? Google. :: Reasonably PolymorphicThe primary purpose of the web today is “engagement,” which is Silicon Valley jargon for “how many ads can we push through someone’s optical nerve?” Under the purview of engagement, it makes sense to publish webpages on every topic imaginable, regardless of whether or not you know what you’re talking about. In fact, engagement goes up if you don’t know what you’re talking about; your poor reader might mistakenly believe that they’ll find the answer they’re looking for elsewhere on your site. That’s twice the advertising revenue, baby! But the spirit of the early web isn’t gone: the bookmarks I’ve kept these long decades mostly still work, and many of them still receive new content. There’s still weird, amateur, passion-project stuff out there. It’s just hard to find. Which brings us to our main topic: search. – It is more than search, there is also motivation and consumer behaviour change in the old web versus the new one – The Founder of GeoCities on What Killed the ‘Old’ Internet | Gizmodo 


How the American semiconductor industry claimed back technological and market leadership from the Japanese

Microrobots in swarms for medical embolization — Nano Magazine

Turning fish waste into quality carbon-based nanomaterial — Nano Magazine


Lidl Ireland removes mandatory retirement age of 65 | RTE 


EU starts competition investigation into Google Play store terms – report – Telecompaper 


Telfar gets Beyoncé boost, but so does Hermès despite Birkin snub | Vogue Business – rappers don’t drive luxury sales, middle class Asians do


Visa and Mastercard cut ties with ad arm of Pornhub owner MindGeek | Financial Times 


Ocado, the online supermarket – is this a legitimate content partnership with Disney? Something feels a bit off about the Ocado | Disney inspired meals. The ‘inspired by Disney’ tagline and the Lion King themed ‘green grub pasta’ feels weird.

Ocado, the online supermarket


Missfresh hit by lawsuits from investors and employees | Financial Times 

Starlink’s Space Speed-Up: A Battle for Internet Leadership – EETimes 

Government concerns over China-owned CCTV company embedded in UK – Channel 4 NewsThere are more than a million of Hikvision’s cameras installed across the UK – monitoring every aspect of our lives. But Channel 4 News has learned that there are growing concerns within the government about the Chinese state-owned tech company.

Next Generation Post-Quantum Encryption May Not Be As Secure As Many Tech Experts Had Hoped / Digital Information World 

China’s war games spur Taiwanese business to rally to island’s defence | Financial Times 

Web of no web

Air Force Pilots to Fight AI-Based Enemies Using AR Helmets 

Apple’s Next-Gen CarPlay Is Scaring the Car Industry. Here’s Why. – Robb Report UK 

Some interesting business takes on the commercial decline of ‘metaverse‘ platforms: